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The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in August 1, 2008, as a trend of the internationalization of the higher education in Taiwan, to promote international academic exchange, and to enhance NCUT’s competitiveness. With careful plan, we are enthusiastic in seeking cooperation between universities and scholars. Aiming to promote NCUT in the international arena, OIA is eager to recruit brilliant international students by offering awards, financial aid, and funding. In addition, we endeavor to seek cooperation with scholars in different fields by sponsoring international conferences, conducting joint research programs, etc. In order to upgrade NCUT into an international institution, we work towards the following goals:

1. promote international cooperation
2. recruit international students
3. encourage our faculties to participate in international affairs
4. promote exchange of scholars and students
5. build up an international campus
6.enhance NCUT’s academic competitiveness in international forum


By building up cooperation and partnership with renowned international universities, we are eager to become a first rate international university in both quality of research and academic performance. NCUT’s ultimate vision is to become an international and quality university.   In order to become an international university, OIA’s major tasks are as follows:

1. Conduct academic exchange with international universities in order to contribute to the academic discussions in the international forum
2. Encourage our faculties to participate in cross strait academic affairs and internationally to enhance NCUT’s global perspectives
3. Enhance students foreign language proficiency; also, encourage students’ participating in overseas internship and overseas short-term study for augmenting expertise and language skills
4. Encourage NCUT’s students to participate in international exchanges, competitions, contests, and academic activities to broaden their international outlook
5. Recruit excellent international students
6. Invite international renowned scholars to visit and lecture at NCUT

7. Invite international students from partner universities to come for academic research and study






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